Ted Sares fought as an amateur boxer in the Chicago area in the 50's. He has since become a boxing historian and member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. He specializes in articles that capture the pathos of the sport. His works have been featured on a number of boxing sites and magazines including East Side Boxing, Fightkings, WAIL Magazine, IBRO Journal, Saddoboxing.com, and many others

Friday, October 13, 2006

Amato Enshrined in Leather Hall of Fame

Boxing Writer Enshrined In The Legends Of Leather Hall Of Fame

13.10.06 - The Legends Of Leather Boxing Club of Trumbull County, Ohio enshrined writer Jim Amato to their Hall Of Fame on October 8th. Amato is a staff writer for Boxing World magazine. He also contributes articles to the ( Cleveland ) East Side Daily newspaper. He writes for several on line boxing sites and he created his own site in May of 2005. The link


Jim Amato is a member of the Boxing Writers Association Of America ( BWAA ) and the International Boxing Research Organization ( IBRO ).


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