Ted Sares fought as an amateur boxer in the Chicago area in the 50's. He has since become a boxing historian and member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. He specializes in articles that capture the pathos of the sport. His works have been featured on a number of boxing sites and magazines including East Side Boxing, Fightkings, WAIL Magazine, IBRO Journal, Saddoboxing.com, and many others

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Boxing Quotes from Ted The Bull

1. "If I could box like Ty Fields, I wouldn't."

2. "Guys like Danny "Little Red" Lopez make Friday go by faster knowing that you will see them fight on Saturday."

3. " What part of a white towel don't they get? "

4. "He was the type of fighter whose hand would be raised by his opponents after a fight out of respect."

5. "Boxing is one of the few places where you get a second, third and even fourth chance at the brass ring."

6. "A small investment in humility pays big dividends in respect."

7. "If Saad was 'Gatti before Gatti,' then 'Little Red' was 'Saad before Saad."

8. "Ali, the Right Person for a Bad Time."

9. When describing Minto vs. Maddlone, "someone should have told both guys that it's legal to move your head."

10. "This moment was made indelible by Arturo and Micky's complete and total disdain for defense."

11. "Micky Ward is like Sara Lee, nobody doesn’t like him."


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