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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ted Sares interviews Mike Anchando

Mike Anchando, 27-1, has won two big fights since his devastating loss at the hands of Jorge "La Hiena" Barrios in April 2005, a fight in which he also relinquished his WBO Super Flyweight Belt. Since then he has won two fight and is set for another this month. I got an opportunity to catch up with the affable Mike this week and here is what he had to say.

Ted: Mike, how are you feeling these days?

Mike: I am at 110% mentally and physically. My mind set is right! I am focused and confident.

Ted: How did you feel about your comeback wins against Antonio Ramirez and then Armando Cordoba?

Mike. Oh man, these were great confidence builders for me. My next fight, which will be on ESPN2, will be against a Dominican by the name of Darling Jimenez in Washington D.C. on April 27. He fights out of the Bronx and is 22-2.

Ted: Yeah, I see where he ko'd Jose Soto.

Mike: Don't worry, I'll be more than ready. My focus is on Jimenez and no one else. Look, I am on a path of redemption and am determined to get back to where I was as a World Champion.

Ted: Would you like to fight Barrios again?

Mike: Most definitely, I'd like nothing more (Mike's voice tenses up in anger), but this time I'll come into the fight fit and ready and will not get dehydrated which, by the way, is a very scary experience. I was in the hospital 5 days after my Fight with the "Hiena." It was something I never want to repeat.

Ted: There was plenty of blame to go around on that one.

Mike: What happened happened. At the end of the day, I am accountable for myself. That's now behind me and I need to look ahead.

Ted: Not only are you a realist, Mike, but you are refreshingly honest.

Mike: My solution to my problems is "application," and that's what's you will see on April 27.

Ted: How do you now fighting as a lightweight?

Mike: I am very comfortable; it makes all the difference in the world. Making the lower weights was killing me. Fighting as a light weight, of course, opens the door to other targets down the line like Joel Cassamayor, all the Diaz's and some others as well.

Ted: Mike, how are you making out with your new team?

Mike: Just great. Ed Rosa, who also works with Luis Collazo, is my publicity and promotions manager and I hooked up with a genius trainer by the name of Leo Thelesittes in Tarpon Springs, Florida to get myself back in top condition for a couple of months. The man is seventy- nine years old and he trained right along with me. He's a living legend. That's what I really needed . . . someone like Leo to guide me. He trained Hagler and Duran among many others. I also worked with Roger Bloodworth in Tampa who, as you know, is top notch.

I've now moved my base from Florida to a gym in Vernon, CA, and have been working out under the expert and watchful eye of Joe Hernandez, a great trainer who has worked with my friends and fellow boxers, Edwin Valero and Daniel Ponce de Leon, both of whom are in fantastic shape. Andy Moses is my manager. "Team Anchando" is well in place.

Ted: Why Southern Cal?

Mike: The Southern Cal area is my roots. I have definitely regained the passion that I need as a boxer. Heck, I put on my first pair of gloves at 5 years old. Boxing has opened a lot of opportunities, a lot of doors, and this fight with Jimenez is going to be another.

Ted: It was great to speak with you, Mike. I'll be rooting for you on April 27...which by the way is the date Frietas meets Diaz at Foxwoods.

Mike: Like wise, Ted. Let's get together when you come to California. And oh yeah, I'd love to meet the winner of that fight, but first things first.


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Sorry Ted, one small thing on passing:

This guy appears to be AnchOndo (wide and deep) and not Anchando as is put it here. heres his record at boxrec:


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