Ted Sares fought as an amateur boxer in the Chicago area in the 50's. He has since become a boxing historian and member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. He specializes in articles that capture the pathos of the sport. His works have been featured on a number of boxing sites and magazines including East Side Boxing, Fightkings, WAIL Magazine, IBRO Journal, Saddoboxing.com, and many others

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ted the Bull’s Twelve Predictions: Holyfield-Savarese, Brewster-Klitschko, Sturm-Alcoba, Povetkin-Donald, Darchinyan-Donaire, Hanshaw-Jones, Vargas-Ma

Ted the Bull’s Twelve Predictions:

By Ted Sares

I felt robust and cocky after successfully predicting several fights in a row (even calling the round in the Gatti-Baldomir fight and also predicting a draw). But then I was brought back to earth with my ill-advised prediction on the Briggs-Sultan disaster in which “The Cannon” shot blanks. I now undertake an effort at redemption by making twelve “tough” predictions. Call it hubris, chutzpah, audacity or just plain delusional, but this is how I see them playing out.

Savarese -Holyfield: Evander by TD. The “Dream” continues. Lou is done.

Sturm - Alcoba: Sturm by stoppage. Sturm is back. Who is Alcoba?* Povetkin - Donald: Povetkin by decision. Potvetkin on a roll.

Botha - Mirovic: Mirovic by stoppage. Botha out since 2002; too long, But Mirovic no great shakes.

Hanshaw-Jones: Jones by decision. Jones well rested and ready to roll.

Brewster - Klitschko: Wladimir by stoppage. Savage redemption.

Darchinyan-Donaire: Vic by stoppage. Donaire not bad, but Vic is a monster.

Simms-Alcine: Simms by decision. Alcine very good; Simms better. A tough one to call.

Hopkins-Wright: Wright by decision. Jabs and defense too much. A draw is a distinct possibility. If “Winky” wins, he has great shot at the Hall of Fame.*

Baldomir - Forrest: Baldomir by decision. Carlos is no Ike Quartey.

Diaz - Morales: Diaz by stoppage. Morales could well be done. Diaz a great amateur.

Vargas - Mayorga: Mayorga by stoppage. Interesting and tough to call. Both might be shot. Vargas has weakened himself by losing weight. A street fight looms.

And a very tough thirteenth: Williams over Margarito by decision


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