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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mayweather vs. De La Hoya: The Prediction and the Outcome

By Ted Sares

The Prediction

Oscar has fought better opposition is bigger and maybe stronger. He is an orthodox fighter who looks to land fight-ending left hooks following stiff jabs, but the edge goes to Floyd who is the complete package blessed with superior speed, stamina, sharp punching, a solid chin and great defense. He has subtle old school moves and his great counter punching ability should give him the advantage in any heated exchanges, but he needs to be weary of THAT hook.

Late-developing issues between Floyd Sr and Roger seem unsettling, but Floyd has great pedigree and focus. Oscar has been taken out once and down several times. He has lost two of his last four fights, looked bad against Sturm, and beat a made-to-order opponent in Mayorga. Still, he has been in many mega fights and also has great focus.

In my view, the fight will be overly tactical, unless Oscar can use his size to back up Floyd in which case it could spell big trouble. But If Floyd punishes and frustrates Oscar with quick in-and-out movement, he will prevail. Styles make fights, and the styles here suggest a less than exciting bout. PBF's overall skill-set and career momentum will result in a UD victory.

The Outcome

It was an overly tactical, non–exciting fight even though the crowd screamed every time Oscar moved. With De La Hoya inexplicitly abandoning his jab at the wrong time and not being able to time THAT hook, he allowed Floyd to dictate the action, particularly going down the stretch. His speed and accuracy resulted in a well-deserved SD, though it should have been a UD as one of the judges (and Jim Lampley) missed it badly. I had it 117-113 but can’t argue with 115-113. Thank God it was not a draw.

As for the excitement factor, when Floyd Mayweather Sr. becomes the story of the night, something is sorely missing.


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